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Welcome to Royal Selangor Flying Club. We are a premier flight training provider for the Private Pilot's Licence, serving the Klang Valley for almost 80 years. Incorporated in 1933, we are the oldest flying club in Malaysia, and one of the first in the region. We are proud to be the only flight training organisation located within the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, based in the historical Sungai Besi Air Force Base, Kuala Lumpur's primary airport prior to 1965. Safety is an absolute priority for all our flying operations, and we strive to give our members the most professional service in the business, while maintaining a relaxed, social club atmosphere. Membership is open to everyone, so if you are looking for a new challenge or have had that burning desire to take to the skies, wait no longer, for the dream is closer than you might think!


Page Updated: 2nd August 2020












Since we last updated this page 2 years ago much has happened in the field of General Aviation, 2 years ago we had a very severe and long period of haze that restricted flying throughout the Peninsula, then the ruling body of aviation in Malaysia changed the rules to audit our humble Flying Club as though it was an operation the size of Malaysian Airlines and finally COVID-19 came along and just about wiped us off the Planet.
But we survived and flying is now available from our base at Subang airport
Please go to the Contacts page for an update on Flight Operations.